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The Ten Relationship Rules For Family Power

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Rule Eight

Do not choose a man who is not PRIME, Responsible, or Experienced.

A Responsible Man looks out for himself, other men, women and children.

An Experienced Man has spent at least 2 years being PRIME, being a friend

 to his potential mate and being a teacher or mentor to a preteen or teenage girl.

A Candy Man is a man who has not completed the P-R-I-M-E components.

A Sugardaddy is a man who has completed the P-R-I-M-E components but who only

                          wants a Candy Girl. 

         A Sugardaddy does not want a Candy Girl to improve herself and will try to treat   a R-I-P-E

                          or P-R-I-M-E woman like a

Candy Girl. He is NOT Responsible.

            An Amdur is a man with (Anti-Male Disorder.) His only interest is in what is good for women   

                          therefore he is not a Responsible Man.

                     A Mookie is a member of the (Men only Klub.) He hasn't yet come to understand his   responsibility

                          to women and children therefore he is not Responsible.