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Right Versus Wrong

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Right versus Wrong

By Eric Harriel


If what I believe is right versus wrong.


I don't mind standing all alone.


I may not be a hero,


But I know the difference between a hero and a zero.


A hero takes care of his or her own children with their own resources.


A zero gets paid or pays someone to take care of their child making choices.


A Real father is a man who provides for, protects, provides an example, and guides his children.


A baby daddy sends money and visits, the mother makes the real decisions.


A Real mother appreciates being able to take care of her own children with her own household resources.


A baby mama expects to get paid, does not deserve a man, and causes the divorces.


One can determine Right by the success of an action over time.


It is Right to raise your own children and not ask for a dime.


It is Wrong to make children and expect someone else to pay you.


It is also Wrong to make children and pay someone to replace you.


The child support system has been proven wrong over time.


Anyone who continues to defend and support it must be truly blind.


Right versus wrong is the only choice.


The men and children of our families and communities could benefit from your voice.


Speak up against these traitors called "baby mamas and daddies," they must be addressed.


Baby mamas and daddies keep us inferior, uneducated, enslaved, murdered, incarcerated, and not blessed.


Worth More Than Silver And Gold

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Men and Women are not the SAME

There is a Big Difference in the Body and BRAIN

A Woman is about the business at HAND

She is the operations leader of child and MAN

A Woman can tell if you are playing or NOT

She will transform what you are thinking from what you want to what you GOT

A Woman can handle a man, other women, her household, the job, the children, her own desires, and cook the STEW

Today's woman can also lock you up, operate any business, put out any fires, and be the primary breadwinner, TOO

A Woman does not need a man to tell her what to DO

A Man who thinks a Woman is weak had better find some other household to leave his SHOE

A Woman appreciates a man who has spiritual strength and keeps her PROTECTED

She does not need a man who thinks he is some Messiah RESSURECTED

A Man who thinks a Woman's job is to make him babies and be his HELPMATE

Is looking for a Candy Girl who is not worth more than a fun DATE

That Man will not be respected and it takes a good Woman to make a family and a man GREAT.

He will not be respected by the Woman and children and he will be looking for an ESCAPE


A Good Woman can do it all by herself and leave the candy man and sugar daddy BEHIND.

A Woman can be submissive or tell you without a doubt what is on her MIND.

But when treated with the respect and the dignity she DESERVES,

A Woman shows the whole world she is worth much more than the world’s SILVER and GOLD RESERVES.


More Than Muscles And Money

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More Than Muscles And Money

by Eric Harriel


A Man and Woman are not the same,

There is a big difference in the muscles and brain,

A Man has more power to load a truck,

A Man has the imagination to create a fast buck,

A Man has the skill to win a fight,

A Man has the spirit to know wrong from right,

A Man takes responsibility for men, women and children

A Man uses his money to create a home to live in,

A Man is a parent regardless of the mother's fitness,

A Man makes a difference in the life of his children

Our past, present and future is the witness,

A Man is not superior to a woman, we know that,

The job description is different, that's a natural fact,

Some women call men names like boy and hon,

But want men to act like men from sun to sun,

We need responsible men in our homes and community,

So why let the child support system take away their

income, homes, children, legal rights and other security,

Our communities know our men are feared and oppressors

try to bend them,

More people from the community need to be

employers, teachers, voters and jurors so we can defend them.

Our communities don't even give our men a proper Man, Mister or Sir,

Then we are surprised when our men call each other the N Word,

A Man should know to lead his family with love,

He can't lose if he gets his guidance from the Creator above,

A Woman who thinks a man's job is to give her money and

take care of her heavyweight,

Is looking for a big boy and not a responsible mate,

The big boy becomes a man, the relationship becomes hate,

She will lose every man and her children may not turn out straight,

We Men can be as serious as a heart attack and then be SO funny,

But one thing for sure we are much more than muscles and money.


Break The Cycle

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Break The Cycle

By Eric Harriel

We know there are problems in the American Community. That is not the QUESTION

For the way to solve these problems, here is ONE SUGGESTION


Break the Cycle of family break ups; Stable families can solve these PROBLEMS.

Teach the men to be stable first, then the women, then the TODDLERS


Give adults an alternative to the lounges and the BARS.

Teach young adults how to spend wisely, versus on rent and EXPENSIVE CARS.


Let us again learn to respect the guidance of our RELIGION.

The choice of going to worship on a particular day, is each person's DECISION.


Teach parents with adult children to give them a little more TIME..

The time spent at home preparing to be the owner of life's necessities, could keep three generations out of a BIND.


We cannot afford to let the problems in the American Community to become any WORSE.

We should all work on helping our men and women to become a stable family of one FIRST


A simple message to our men would go a long way to relieve our STRESS,

Before starting a family, you should buy a home, save at least 25% of your income, profess your religion, and make sure your career and education ARE A SUCCESS.


Christmas Is A Day Of Joy

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Christmas is a day of joy,

Especially for a little girl or boy.


Early morning on that day,

They open their presents and start to play,


Some really young children don’t know what it means,

Just play guns, toys, games and things.


Even some adults don’t understand,

That Christmas represents the birth of a man.


A man called Jesus who shows us the way,

To live and prosper each and every day.


Hard, Head, Heart, Hero

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Hard Head Heart Hero


A woman who satisfies a man’s hard head heart hero never has to be concerned about being alone or being disrespected.

Her responses to his inquiries if done with a symbiotic intelligence keeps the relationship and his mind protected.


A woman who satisfies a man’s hard head heart hero is always a part of his spirit night and day.

His interests such as his family, dreams, hopes, and business keeps her in his spirit a special way.


A woman who satisfies a man’s hard head heart hero is the pleasure even a best friend and parents cannot equal.

Once the first experience has been achieved there is no going back, what never ends is the hard to refuse sequel.

A man loves the way a woman comes to him to ask for answers away from the congregation

A man loves it when a woman turns to him when she experiences trepidation

A man loves it when a woman feels comfortable enough to ask him to relieve her of humiliation

A man loves it when a woman counts on him for inspiration

When a man is chosen to be her hero, a woman satisfies a man’s hard head heart and desire to be wanted and needed forever with no expiration.


Mama Drama In The Hood

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Mama Drama In The Hood


Marva, why are you looking so cross as I come in the house?

Do you think you should pick my friends and tell me when to come home?

I know what is waiting for me at home and I know to rest before work.

If you keep looking at me so cross you will be all alone.


Mama, since Dad left you keep looking cross at me when I come in the house.

Why do you always scream at me, try to pick my friends and make me come home?

I know you are looking out for my best interest

When I get on my own I will set my own time to come home.


Sweet (baby)Mama, why do you look so cross when I come home?

You are the love of my life, we have children, and a loving home.

You keep bringing up marriage, but we have been together for a while

If legal marriage is your only option then we should have held hands only until we walked down the aisle.

We can have a wedding type ceremony, same last name, honeymoon, and shared assets

without allowing the crippling child support, tax, credit slavery systems' fingers around our necks.


Sweet (baby)Mama, why do you look so cross when I get home?

Do you think you know what is better for me than me, I am grown?

I can pick my own friends and I need to rest before work that I can figure on my own

I hear white women treat a man with respect and are mindful of their voice tone.


Mama, why do you look so cross at me when I come in the house?

Since dad went with that white woman you can't even look at me straight

I don't feel welcomed in this house anymore

And, Mama, I am coming out the closet, so please don't hate.


Mama, why do you look so cross when I come in the house?

I am the man of this house and you had better be nice.

Bring in the money, cook my food and wash my clothes

And if you think about having a boyfriend you had better think twice.


Body Games

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Body Games

If you treat your body like a bargaining tool

You can expect to be treated like a gardening tool

It doesn't matter if you are poor or rich

It doesn't even matter if you are legally hitched

If you dance to the music you must pay the piper

Unless you like being treated like a toilet room wiper

Old habits are hard to break

Knowledge can help you avoid the same mistake

Male or female it is all the same

You don't get respect if you treat your body like a game.